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Exploring our full potential is an ongoing process that takes place throughout our entire lives. Yet even though we know this truth deep inside, sometimes we use age or our current responsibilities as an excuse to stay in our comfort zones, even though deep down we’re miserable. By changing our mindset, clarifying our purpose, and focusing on what we can do instead of what we can’t, we can become empowered to courageously move toward our dream life and achieving our potential, one step at a time.

Age Is Your Edge is hosted by Scott Papek. He has over 25 years of coaching high performers to reveal their purpose, authentically live it, and help them communicate it to the world. Scott works with professional athletes, artists, and influencers. His coaching style is built around experience, trust, accountability, and love.

May 17, 2019

Rhianna Mays spent a big part of her life searching for answers. She knew something was wrong with her but nobody could figure it out.

Disclaimer. I am not a doctor and all opinions from Rhianna are her own. Her disclaimer is at the beginning of this episode.


Rhianna is the owner of Reiki Healing and Intuition

Please reach out to her with any questions.